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Welcome to Encore Designer Consignment

Why Resale


 In resale, we take the best pieces from your closet and sell them for you. When they sell, you receive a percent of the selling price. Resale is a great way to make and save money. Your closet can be upgraded each day that you shop resale! We often refer to our resale store as a revolving door . . . you leave one piece while maybe choosing another at a fraction of the original price.

 Although "resale & consignment" may be  household phrases today, thirty years ago it was a very well-kept secret. Today smart, money-conscious customers are proud to be part of this economically savvy and ecologically friendly resale experience.  Stop by today and enjoy the feeling of  being a smart shopper and enjoy elegance and sophistication at a low cost.


Encore offers a pleasant and unique shopping environment to women and men who regard fashion as a means of self expression. We promise to change our look and our products to stay in step with the latest fashion trends while maintaining a selection of striking, one-of-a-kind timeless classics. 

We operate our business on the principle that our clients' satisfaction is of the utmost importance.